Repairing mould tool cavities and cores

We offer a sub contract laser welding service, which can be whilst you wait or by appointment. We understand how essential fully functional mould tools are in the high speed environments we all work in; our service aims to get you back in action in the fastest time possible.

Laser welding is the best and most efficient way of repairing damage on injection mould tool cavity and cores, without having to remake or insert areas. We can add the same base material filler rod as the cavity / core inserts and weights range from a few grams to 500KG.

This process generates very little or no heat at all to the component which reduces any distortion that previously would happen with conventional welding, therefore able to weld the smallest detail – The technology we employ allows the finest tolerances; down as small as 0.2mm

We can weld the following:

  • All types of mould tool steels:
    1.2311 (P20), 1.2343 (H13), 1.2767, 1.2083 (stavax), 1.2379 (D2)

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Nickel base alloys
  • Cobalt base alloys
  • Cobalt base alloys that include
    Aluminum bronze and beryllium copper.
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